Waste Management Solutions

Waste Management Solutions

We create win-win opportunities to increase landfill diversion by identifying underlying value in large waste streams with a focus on identifying opportunities to increase material handling and transport efficiency. We are specialists in Liquid and Hazardous Waste characterization, disposal, and RPRA compliance. As a Waste Management specialist, we offer a simple, logical approach to Waste Management ensuring your compliance and environmental goals are achieved.

Our Approach

We prioritize the highest impact solutions. This is often a data-driven process through that quantifies priorities based on opportunity for cost, risk, and landfill use reduction. Dialogue always involves setting expectations to understand ROI timelines, bandwidth to manage change and physical constraints before we prescribe solutions. We leverage our network IQ to offer best practices, while driven only by providing the best solutions to our customers, not our shareholders.

Landfill Diversion

Landfill avoidance is Job #1. Landfills are a major contributor to greenhouse gases. We focus on identifying materials in your waste stream that can be diverted from landfill. Our unique skill is identifying the constituent materials in your waste streams, and knowing where they may be used in other processes.  Our approach is to map your waste streams to gain a wholistic understanding, and to prescribe practical measures to reduce waste, re-purpose waste if feasible, with focus on efficient in-plant conveyance, compaction, and transport.

Material Handling & Transport Efficiency

Efficiency is doing more with less. Compaction equipment, conveyance equipment, balers and reusable, collapsible containers are only part of the strategy. We have the experience and know-how to proceed with the most effective solutions to reducing your carbon footprint in waste handling.

Liquid & Hazardous Waste Management

Every generator must manage hazardous waste and liquid industrial waste an environmentally safe manner. Generators of these wastes are required to report their waste management activities including identifying the wastes they generate, where they are generated and how they are managing that waste by submitting a Generator Registration Report (GRR) through a Registry operated and maintained by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA).

We understand, decode and simply the waste characterization process to ensure you operating in compliance with Environmental Protection Act laws. Our baseline understanding of Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, the Ontario Fire Code, RTK/WHMIS, and the Ontario Registration Guidance Manual enables us to guide your operations to register, report, manage, store and ship hazardous and liquid waste securely.

Our risk and cost reduction strategies stringently view your compliance requirements when pursuing opportunities to de-list wastes that are no longer hazardous and re-purposing or sending waste for rework if feasible.

We offer competitive hazardous waste disposal rates through our network facilities.